CINEC 2014 Workshop "Paradigm Shift in Media Production"

This full day workshop will present results from the project as well as contributions from industry players and other projects, who strive for similar goals. The workshop offers a lively competition and discussion of ideas to help film and video productions optimize their creative results and economical efforts.

The workshop will cover topics like content production with depth enabled cameras, trifocal capture, light-field cameras, the opportunities of the integration of computational cinematography into the workflows or the evolution of preproduction, postproduction, 2D to 3D conversion, and live broadcast production processes related to the usage of the on-set and depth information. Among the presenters we are proud to include representatives from world leading companies and research centres like Filmligth, PrimeFocus World, Fraunhofer, iMinds or Brainstorm Multimedia.

During coffee and lunch breaks, various demos will be available showing results of the conducted research and development including the Motion SCENE camera and sample clips from recent use case productions.

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Scene is a 36 month project which runs from 1-Nov-2011 to 31-October-2014.



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SCENE second test shoot in Munich